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Nice going. Thought your title of your post was going to be a serious review. Instead, it was a blatant pitch for the program. Do you do that with your sermons too?

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What an article, I really think your did your homework and research all about products and services that your site offers.

Pam Mueller

I don't know who posted this and I am not affiliated with the person, but I can tell you it is for real. What he's saying is true. I inrolled to be a distributor -not in this gentleman's business - and I have made $500 my first month. I'm saving money with it...$70 this week to be exact. And my friends are saving money with it. It's true and I'm not "pitching" it to you. If I were, I'd give you my website to download the app. I just want to tell people its for real. And I have nothing to gain. You don't know me..don't know my website...etc. It's just for real.

Joe Public

Do you think anyone believes a Pastor, or an ex con conman.
Get real ffs.
There are a lot of desperate people, in the financial mess because of larger conmen, bankers/brokers/politicians.
Those of you who prey on these individuals are worse than scum.
Steal from me or mine and I will track you down and make you pay.
Do something productive or helpfull instead of sitting back trying to scam money.
Come the day of the revolution you bunch will be high up the list of those to get rid of.
I will gladly send you $5.00, with this you can buy a buttplug and GO FUCK YOURSELF.

Joe Public

The same scammers that brought you GMT!, the Laundry CD, Motor Latte', YourTravelBiz.com, DubaiMLM.com, 4E Corp, Ethos, aaTCM.com, MLMbank.com, ReferEveryone.com, theTwentyTeam.com, Free4UOnline.com, thewwwlink.com,
and many more. If these guys are involved, it's a SCAM!


What an article, I really think your did your homework and research all about products and services that your site offers.

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We should always be careful in whatever online transactions we are involving ourselves in to. It is always wise to do a background research for the sites that we sign up with.


I think when it comes to buying stuffs we should be alert and very attentive. Well, your post is an eye opener and thank you for posting this. I'll be looking forward for your next post.

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